On IENN’S GLOBAL EDUCATION EXCHANGE, you can sell original curricular materials such as lesson plans, unit plans, examinations, teaching guides, worksheets, etc. You simply upload your original files to our catalog in one of our many supported filetypes, and then set your own prices. We take care of the sales transactions and deliver instant downloads to buyers. It’s very easy!

If you offer services, such as customized products, or other small gigs that can be delivered digitally you put up samples of your work, set your price and the rest is history!

Seller Membership Options
We offer two levels of Seller Memberships, Basic and Premium. Basic Membership is FREE and offers a 70% royalty on gross sales and these Royalties. Premium Membership costs $55.00 annually but offers a much more generous 85% royalty on gross sales and no transaction fees. Renewal is automatic unless you cancel your account and you can post an unlimited number of items.

Setting up Your Store
Your catalog will exist at a unique store URL that’s created when you set up your store. You will be able to create a profile, upload a picture of yourself or an individualized logo, and choose up to four featured products. At any time, you can edit your listings, alter the titles and descriptions, change your prices, and swap in revised versions of your products.

How We Pay You
We pay out all earnings monthly via PayPal or (other on a case by case basis). If you don’t already have a PayPal account, simply sign up for one at PayPal.com and tell us the account’s email address. You can keep track of your sales in real time from your Seller Dashboard and email notifications.

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